Trump’s Middle East

We’re broadcasting from Qatar this weekend: If Trump thought healthcare was complicated, wait until he tries to bring peace to the Middle East.

Our guests include syndicated columnist Rami Khouri, Mehran Kamrava of Georgetown University-Qatar, and al-Jazeera Syria correspondent Zeina Khodr.

Sunday 3 pm on FM News 101 KXL Portland, OR. Steaming on Soundcloud and Google Play.

Image:  Kamyar Adl (Flickr: Creative Commons)

Lawrence Pintak is an award-winning journalist and scholar. He is a former CBS News Middle East correspondent and was founding dean of the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University (2009-2016). He was named a Fellow of the Society by the Society of Professional Journalists in 2017 for "outstanding service to the profession of journalism" around the world. Pintak is a contributor to, The Daily Beast, and other outlets. Read his articles at His books include Reflections in a Bloodshot Lens: America, Islam & The War of Ideas; Islam for Journalists (co-editor); The New Arab Journalist; and Seeds of Hate: How America’s Flawed Middle East Policy Ignited the Jihad. He holds a PhD in Islamic Studies from the University of Wales, Trinity St. David. Follow him on Twitter @LPintak.

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